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Hello and Welcome
I am so happy you’re having a look at my website


One Mother’s Day I received a very special present, a voucher to do beginner's jewellery making class. I had spoken about wanting to do one for years. After I completed it, I was hooked, I loved it. This was the beginning of my wonderful journey into the world of jewellery creating.

Within a year my skills and knowledge grew, so did my passion.

I started off by making pieces that were gifts or items I wore myself. I saw it as a creative hobby, however, requests to make bespoke jewellery pieces started to become a regular occurrence. Eventually, I had the confidence to create a small collection of pieces to sell, it went very well and Harmony Designs Jewellery was finally launched.

Up until now, I have been happily selling my jewellery at craft fairs, ladies evenings, home parties, charity events, carnivals and seasonal fetes and word of mouth.

I will continue doing this (see my events link for details) however, I want to branch out as far as possible and give my current and new clients that can’t make my events the opportunity to purchase my jewellery.

Harmony Designs jewellery is handcrafted by me in my Derbyshire studio close to my home in the UK. My studio is peaceful, light and positive, I believe this enhances my jewellery and the making of it.

When creating jewellery, I incorporate beautiful quality materials such as genuine Gemstones, cultured pearls, crystal and glass beads. I love using wire, I find wire compliments the creative styles and technics I use.

I adore variety and choice, this is reflected in my creations. I don’t design for an age group, lifestyle or “type” or have a set creative style. I make diverse creations and aim to provide beautiful jewellery for everyone to wear and enjoy.

It is my heartfelt intention that:

  • When you receive my jewellery, you will know it’s a quality piece that’s been mindfully inspired and created.
  • Have the knowledge I use only ethically sourced Gemstones.
  • If you are purchasing for holistic purposes it has been created with healing intent.
  • Know it’s not mass produced. Due to the uniqueness and supply of materials I use, many pieces will not be created in the same way.
  • Importantly; you or who the jewellery is intended for, feels happy and special when wearing it.

I chose the name Harmony designs jewellery because it reflects me and what I want to create.

  • Making jewellery gives me balance and harmony, it blends perfectly with my desire to be creative and my home life.
  • To take a combination of beautiful material’s put them together to create a balanced and pleasing piece of jewellery.

I have portfolios of ideas and designs that I intend to create in ladies’ jewellery, men’s, bridal, children’s collections and more. Please keep looking or sign up for a newsletter.

To my husband and children for your gift that started this and the unwavering love and support you always give me, especially on those rainy days!

To all my friends and family for your support and encouragement.

To my customers, I hope you continue to purchase and enjoy my creations. Your comments and input have been so valuable. Keep spreading the word x

To all the wonderful jewellery teachers and creators that have put your teachings, online, in books, on DVD’ s, many of you for free. Without this the world of jewellery making knowledge would be less accessible and empty.

See Gemstone references I've used with gratitude at With Thanks for your knowledge

I am not registered for VAT and therefore VAT is not payable on my selling prices.