Properties and Associations

In Brief

Agates are grounding stones, that come in many forms of colour each having its own qualities. Helps with : bringing about emotional, physical and intellectual balance. They aid in centering and stabilising physical energy.


Archangel connection

Blue: Raguel Botswana: Raguel and Chamuel Lace: Ariel Fire: Michael and Raziel Green moss: Ariel ,Raphael and Uriel.


Wedding Anniversary

No Association


Traditional : June
Modern : No Association
Star Sign : Gemini
: 21st May – 20th June


Qualities and Healing
  • Harmonise yin and yang, the positive and the negative forces that hold the universe in place.
  • A soothing and calming stone.
  • Its multiple layers can bring hidden information to light
  • gently facilitates acceptance of one’s self. this builds self-confidence.
  • It aids self-analysis and perception of hidden circumstances, bringing to your attention any disease that is interfering with your well-being.
  • Enhances mental function as they improve concentration. perception and analytical abilities, leading to practical solutions.
  • Agates love of truthfulness encourages speaking your truth. agates with clear crystals can stimulate memories.
  • This crystal overcomes negativity and bitterness of the heart. it heals inner anger fostering love and the courage to start again.
  • It is useful for any kind of emotional trauma. It creates a sense of safety and security by dissolving internal tension.
  • Agate raises consciousness and links into collective consciousness and awareness of the oneness of life.
  • It encourages quiet contemplation and assimilation of life experiences, leading to spiritual growth and inner stability.
  • Agate stabilised the aura, eliminating and transforming negative energies. Its cleansing effect is powerful at the physical and emotional levels.