Properties and Associations

In Brief

is a metal : Conducts energy, rejuvenates, improves the immune system and blood, help heal inflammatory problems.


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Qualities and Healing
  • Copper is traditionally used as a healer of arthritis and an excellent conductor of energy, from electricity to the mystical subtle energies stemming from higher planes.
  • It can magnify the intensity of psychic vibrations, promotes healing and magnifies a crystals electrical energy if worn or carried on bare skin, it detoxifies the joints and soothes arthritis, rheumatism, relieving pain of broken bones and other inflammatory problems.
  • If used on the third chakra, it can tone the stomach and intestines.
  • Used on the heart it can inspire the heart to warm, as well as release resentment and pent up anger.
  • If used on the solar plexus chakra, it can aid in exhaustion recovery, and circulation. For best results, copper should be charged in the moon and sunlight.
  • Carrying it can help stabilise the metabolism and improve the immune system and blood.
  • When worn near the throat, as a pendant it can be beneficial for the lungs, improving the exchange of oxygen and filtering out pollutants
  • Can benefit the tissue and mucous membranes, causing them to absorb more moisture and become less susceptible to irritation.
  • Grounds any incoming spiritual energy promotes a balanced It will ground uncomfortable sensations and feeling spacey from too much psychic energy.
  • Copper heals the stomach it cleanses the emotional body of old negative emotions, and provides emotional protection in crowds.