Jasper; Also see Mookaite

Properties and Associations

In Brief

Protection, nurturing, joy, awareness; balancing of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energies.


Archangel connection



Wedding Anniversary

No Association


Traditional : No Association
Modern : No Association
Star Sign : No Association


Qualities and Healing
  • Jasper is known as the nurturing stone Its very gentle. It sustains and supports you during times of stress and trauma bringing comfort, relaxation and tranquillity. It enhances the ability to come to peace even in difficult situations.
  • it unifies all aspects of your life bringing a feeling of wholeness and the want to be kind helpful each other.
  • provides protection absorbs negative energy. Grounds energies, balances yin and yang in the body, mind and spirt. It cleanses and aligns the chakras and aura.
  • Jasper It clears electromagnetic and environmental pollution (including radiation).
  • Particularly good with gardening and agriculture and can help bring prosperity in these areas. it can also assistance other areas as it has a strong prosperous energy vibration.
  • Helps with determination to get all tasks. It stimulates the imagination /thinking and transforms ideas into action. It brings you the courage to get to grips with problems quickly. Encourages you to be honest with yourself.  promotes organisational skills. Jasper is a supportive stone during conflict
  • Jasper is used for bringing beauty, into life and specific situations. it can bring beauty to people outside as well as inside.
  • It supports you during a long illness or a period in hospital by re-energising you.
  • It balances the mineral content of the body. It is particularly useful as crystal water because it doesn't overstimulate the body.
  • jasper supports the circulatory, digestive and sexual organs, liver, kidney, gallbladder, stomach and intestinal problems including heartburn, IBS, and acid reflux, hallucinations, longevity, epilepsy and seizures.