Free of charge - individual items priced £40.00 or more will come boxed.

Free of charge - Standard packaging

From 80p - Various Choices


When I receive a gift I am always grateful, it does not have to be in a fancy packaging it's the thought behind the gift that counts.

Nevertheless, I would be fibbing if I did not say, I do take note when something is presented in a lovely way. This could be anything from a meal to a bunch of flowers. I think it's true to say that most of us are drawn to or appreciate nice presentation.

That's why I offer you a gift-wrapping service. This means that you don't have to. I can elegantly wrap your gift for you.

I have included photos of the packaging/ gift wrapping that I have designed. Box sizes are approximate this is due to the supplier availability. Boxes may vary slightly in size, 1/2 cm - 2cm, it does not impact the quality of the gift wrapping.

Please note: My bridle/prom hair range, such as tiaras and hairpins etc. will be packaged differently please see my bridle/prom section for details.

To Purchase Gift Wrap Items, please add the items you would like to your basket.

To tell me how you would like your jewellery item or items gift wrapping,
go to the shopping cart and Scroll Down to the Section called Gift Wrapping Service.

Here you will see a text box, where you can describe how you would like me to wrap, or to say Wrap Yourself if you don't want me to wrap them but still want the gift wrap items

under the Text box you will see examples of how to describe it

I am happy to send your gift directly for you it's no extra cost. Just choose to have your item delivered to a different address when going through the checkout process

Please Note: I can only send entire orders to a single address. If you need to send to multiple addresses, please do one order per address.

In the not so far future, I will be making stylish handmade gift cards that will complement my jewellery.

I thought this would be a lovely item to add to my store.

It means you can purchase the full gift package and not have to go anywhere else. I will add you messages to the cards if the gift is being sent directly.

I will keep up posted lol