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I have included a short summary of holistic properties associated with gemstone lore and meanings. Here you can search by Gemstone Name and find more details, or links to shop for Jewellery with that gemstone in it.
Click on Gemstones and Metals for Wedding Anniversaries.
Provides a list of Wedding Anniversary years and links to the Gemstone Details, where you can see further details on the Holistic Properties and links to shop for Jewellery with that gemstone in it
Birthday Click on Gemstones for Birthdays.
Provides a list of Traditional and Modern Gemstones linked to a Birth Month; with links to the Gemstone Details, where you can see further details on the Holistic Properties and links to shop for Jewellery with that gemstone in it
Star Sign Click on Gemstones by Star Signs.
Provides a list of Gemstones linked to a Star Sign and its date range; with links to the Gemstone Details, where you can see further details on the Holistic Properties and links to shop for Jewellery with that gemstone in it

I have only listed those I currently have in stock and those that are connected to wedding anniversaries, birthstones and star signs. If at the time of looking, I have sold out or have not yet created an item or if there is a gemstone your interested in that I don't have in stock, please go through my bespoke section or contact me to inquire.

If you want to learn more, See references I've used with gratitude at With Thanks for your knowledge. I hope you find this useful and interesting, they have helped to guide and teach me so much about this fascinating topic.

Years before I began jewellery making, I was drawn to gemstones/crystals, I found them captivating and beautiful. There is so much positive healing information written about them it’s fascinating, I have enjoyed my journey of discovering, learning and holistically using them. My house is home to many loved gemstone pieces.

Gemstones are well documented to help us physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and much more. That’s one reason why I like to incorporate them into my jewellery. They are historically interesting, many of the gemstones that I use have been incorporated into jewellery for hundreds of years. They are so beautiful to look at and stand out in any piece of jewellery. They are truly one of nature’s gifts.

Many of my pieces have gemstones incorporated into them. I always give a full description of gemstones and metals used to create a jewellery piece, you can find out the properties of those gemstones and metals by using the A-Z search in gemstones or metals or by clicking on to the category links.

I always feel very privileged when I am asked to create a piece of Jewellery for holistic purposes.

I will happily create a piece for you, I am very understanding and have knowledge in this the area, what I don’t know I will endeavour to find out and help you any way I can.

There are many gemstones and metals connected to anniversaries, birthdays, and star signs, that have meaning and sentiment. I have many clients that have asked me to create bespoke pieces for them to give as special celebration gifts. As I use a lot of gemstones in my jewellery creating there may be jewellery pieces ready to purchase that suit your needs. However, if you cannot find a piece of jewellery that’s suitable, I will be happy to make one for you.

please click on Bespoke Jewellery for full details of how to get in touch

I appreciate that some of you may not know, believe or are even interested in the knowledge that gemstones and metals are associated with having healing, holistic properties.

I have wonderful friends, family and customers that don’t believe, ones that are open to it and ones that defiantly do and they all appreciate that I do.

I say each to their own.

  • My desire is for everyone to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the gemstones in my pieces regardless of your views.
    So Enjoy!

Any Holistic pieces I make are not a replacement for conventional medicine

All Gemstone holistic information on this website is provided as a means of knowledge and is metaphysical in its essence. Its to introduce you to the possible concept of using gemstones as a complement to traditional medical treatments, however, there is no a guarantee of effect, just like with some conventional medical treatments. If you suffer from illness and/or have a serious condition, please consult a general practitioner in the first instance.

Crystal healing is a holistic complementary practice and should be carried out by a suitably qualified crystal healing practitioner and should only be used with the understanding that it is not an independent therapy, but one that is a part of a holistic healing approach.

“it’s my hope that when wearing a piece of holistic jewellery, it will bring some comfort”.