What's used and how to keep it looking great

I'm proud to say I only purchase my Gemstones from a very reputable company, they prided themselves on sourcing Gemstones that are ethically mined. Gemstones are found in remote areas around the world, because of this the extraction /mining provides much-needed income to these isolated communities.

The company I purchase from supports those mining communities and ensures they are fairly involved, provide support to improve education and healthcare and ensure that the mines they purchase from are environmentally responsible and insist on an ethical supply chain.

I am very grateful I found this company, I would not have used gemstones in my jewellery because I was aware of the ethical and environmentally problems with gemstone mining, it went against my character.

I buy the majority of my materials and tools from this company as they also provided quality plus I feel I am supporting them in continuing to accomplish their wonderful work. I also like to buy from a local or smaller family run suppliers based in the UK.

I can purchase genuine gemstone certificates of authenticity so I can provide you with one if requested.

I appreciate that some of you may not know, believe or are even interested in the knowledge that gemstones and metals are associated with having healing, holistic properties.

I have wonderful friends, family and customers that don’t believe, ones that are open to it and ones that defiantly do and they all appreciate that I do. I say “each to their own”.

“My desire is for everyone to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the gemstones in my pieces regardless of your views. So enjoy!”


If you are interested in the holistic properties of gemstones or metals and their connection with special occasions Click here to learn more

You can also find this link at the bottom of this page under information

Any Holistic pieces I make are not a substitute for professional medical treatment. All Gemstone holistic information in this website is provided as a means of knowledge and to introduce you to the possible concept of using gemstones as a complement to traditional medical treatments, however, there is no a guarantee of effect, just like with some traditional medical treatments.

True genuine gemstones are grown by mother nature not produced by humans. Apart from Cabochons, I buy my gemstones by the strand, because of this, there can be slight variations in the tone colour and shape of each stone on that strand. Some also have inclusions which can be seen in the gemstone, this information will be indicated in the product elements details. I feel this adds to the loveliness and appeal of each individual bead. I use this to my advantage to create exclusive and tailored jewellery that you can own. When making pieces of jewellery that require it to be visually balanced, I do my best to select stones that can achieve that look.

“ I look at the gemstones and feel what I can create with them, I am lead by their beauty.”

Other than Gemstones I use cultured pearls in various shapes, these are also purchased from the same company where I buy my gemstones, they have amazing lustre and quality.

Also, I use high-quality glass/crystals beads such as Swarovski, Czech fired glass, Preciosa Crystal, Celebrity Crystals and Shell Pearls.

On occasions, I will use interesting or vintage plastic beads, this usually occurs when I upcycled (better than going into the landfill). If used this will be made clear in the products elements description or found in the upcycled Re-Loved Collection. see Information below for details on upcycling.


Occasionally I come across or I am given unwanted jewellery this can range from retro, vintage or new. If possible and only if components are of high quality, I take the piece apart, clean them use what I can to recreate a piece of jewellery that’s unique, beautiful and a one-off. Due to hygiene, I never reuse findings that are intimate such as earring post and hooks even if they are 925 silver, they are replaced with new ones.

If your interested click on upcycled re-loved collection.

Many of my rings are designed and created as dress rings this means they are Suitable for occasional wear and are not suitable for heavy-duty work/wear.

Please refer to Product description for suitability of wearing.

I am very mindful to only purchase nickel free or compliant materials.

'Nickel Compliant' is in line with the EU law passed in 2000, stating that any item intended to come into direct and prolonged contact with the skin must contain less than 0.05% Nickel for our safety.

I use a variety of wire, chain and finding components such as earring hooks, clasps crimps and eye pins that are of metal content. I have briefly listed descriptions to explain them.

  • 925 sterling silver- 925 Sterling Silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper.
  • Silver plated – 925 sterling silver plated over a base metal. Such as copper.
  • 10% silver-plated- gives a thicker layer of silver to the wire or component, it has a 99.95% silver content and it’s a cheaper alternative to solid silver. The benefits are it will keep its lustre longer than standard silver plated.
  • Gold-filled – Has a thicker layer of gold constituting at least 5% or 1/20 of the item's total weight, this is bonded to a base metal. It’s 5 to 10 times thicker than that produced by regular gold plating. Other related terms are "rolled gold plate" and "gold overlay" can be used legally if the layer of gold constitutes less than 5% of the item's weight.
  • Gold Plated – Gold plating is a method of putting a thin layer of gold onto the surface of another metal, such as copper or silver. Unless stated I use 9k plated or gold items.
  • Gold plated silver – as stated above but only sterling silver is used.
  • Rhodium Plated / flashing – is often added onto white gold or silver to increase shine, lustre and durability. Rhodium plating will also make the metal more scratch resistant and when used on silver jewellery, less prone to tarnishing. it’s nickel free and hypoallergenic Rhodium is a rare, silver-white hard metal in the platinum family on the periodic table. It’s highly reflective and holds the distinction of being one of the most expensive precious metals in the world.
  • Oxidised created pieces – oxidation is when metal is treated with sulphate to give a tarnished, darkened, antique or vintage look. This can be done by using a sulphur solution or by putting the pieces in a bag or sealed plastic box with a boiled egg, which contains sulphur.
  • Tarnish-resistant- all materials are tarnish resistant helping the pieces stay lovely for longer.

I have made very few pieces using pure gold, I find pieces do not sell as well. When I have, these have been commissioned. If I have used pure 9K,14K or 24K gold I will state this in the description.

Sterling Silver, gold and sterling silver gold plated items come with hallmarks or tags, Wire used is not hallmarked, however, I only buy my wire from reputable UK suppliers and have receipts to prove what I buy is advertised as such.

All Materials I use to make an item of jewellery will be stated in the Product Elements Description within the product details.

When making strung pieces, I will have used quality beading thread, using it I can create a wide variety of flowing designs.

  • Silver – I use this for more expensive pieces, also so I can keep pure sterling silver throughout my jewellery pieces. This thread made up of 925 solid sterling silver wires that have been stranded together and coated with nylon for strength and protection, Making it strong and kink resistant.
  • Plated Silver and gold - thread – this is a wire that has been plated with 24K gold or 925 sterling silver then coated with nylon. Strong and kink resistant.
  • Standard thread – has a metallic or shiny nylon coating that resembles gold, silver or has a colour. The wire beneath the coating is made from stainless steel and provides kink resistance and is strong.
  • keep your jewellery pieces – keep them shining

I want you to wear and enjoy your Jewellery for a long time, the tips below will assist you, so please read.

With every piece of Jewellery you purchase you will receive a ribbon drawn organza bag, I recommend that you use this to keep your items separate from each other, they are useful to use when travelling.

  • Light fading

Although most gemstones are fine in light some gemstones are sensitive and may fade if in direct sunlight continually. To be safe it is best to make sure they are not placed or stored in direct light for long periods. Holistically sunlight will recharge the energy of the stones so a little direct sun, I feel is good.

  • Tarnishing

Sadly, even tarnish resistant silver and copper tarnishes over time. A gentle polish with a jeweller’s cloth I find is brilliant. These are readily available from any high street jewellers in the UK and supermarkets.

Avoid using abrasive metal cream cleaners as they are too harsh also avoid chemical cleaners as they can damage gemstones and some metals. Perfumes, aftershave, body lotion, deodorant and even hairspray can eventually tarnish Jewellery and may damage some stones so please make sure you are dry before you put your Jewellery also avoid putting on perfume or hairspray after you have put your Jewellery as it will settle and dry on your Jewellery.

Getting your Jewellery wet can affect the wire, stringing and gemstones. Always remove your Jewellery before cleaning, gardening, washing up, bathing and swimming.etc.

Keep your Jewellery looking shiny and new - use a soft cloth and gently rub your Jewellery, for best results do this regularly.

Items sold on this website may contain small parts and will not be suitable for children. If you’re in any doubt, please contact me before you place an order.