With the deepest gratitude
To those who helped me on my journey with Gemstones

My deepest gratitude to those teachers, healers and creators out there who have helped my journey regarding learning more about crystal healing and Gemstones meaning, history and lore. I have had many wonderful personal experiences with using crystals, my home is full of them not to mention my creative studio.


Let's care and share

Information about the healing properties and meanings of gemstones, crystals, Metals and the connections to anniversary's, star signs and birthstone are translated from the following various sources, including my own interpretation, my own experiences and observations of gemstones that I have created with worn and personally used.

Below are books and websites that I have learnt from, I recommend visiting their sites and reading their books they so interesting and inspiring.

Please Note I cannot recommend any healing services that are offered, as I have not experienced their services personally.

Please research sensibly any practice you desire to use.

  • Book: Love is in the Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals " by Melody.
  • Books: The Crystal Bibles, By Judy Hall; Volumes 1, 2, 3
  • Books: crystal prescriptions, by Judy Hall; Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Books: Crystal Therapy: by Doreen Virtue PhD (Author) and Judith Lukomski

I am not a certified crystal healer however, this is an area I am interested and fascinated about. There are wonderful healers worldwide that offer this service, I have not had the calling to do this. Instead, I wish (if you want; I am not pushing this as it's not for everyone) to make you aware of this subject and if desired purchase a piece of jewellery that I have created that suits your needs or you just love the look of and feel of.

I appreciate that some of you may not know, believe or are even interested in the knowledge that gemstones and metals are associated with having healing, holistic properties.

I have wonderful friends, family and customers that don't believe, ones that are open to it and ones that defiantly do and they all appreciate that I do. I say “each to their own”.

My desire is for everyone to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the gemstones in my pieces regardless of your views. So enjoy!”